Microsoft has started a new ad campaign which has Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld in them. These are being produced in response to 2 things 1- Obviously the Apple commercials Mac vs PC and 2- The supposed perception out there that Microsofts new Vista operating system sucks.
The ads are below and after them I discuss the possible thought processes behind the commercials.

Ad Number One

Ad Number 2

There are two theories that are interesting to me.

Metaphors and Easter Eggs (Geek Trickle Down)
The theory is that geeks will get lots of these easter eggs and metaphors in the commercials thus drawing them into the commercials. Then the geeks will have renewed interest in Vista and it will trickle down as people ask them for their opinions or help. The most obvious easter egg is the pic of Bill Gates on his shoe club card which was taken from his mugshot. (I think he was arrested for speeding and driving with out a license)

The metaphors that are out there (note I have not researched this at all) are that the grandma represents Steve Jobs. The grandma says she has been in the house for 12 years and I have read that that is how long Jobs has been back in the saddle at Apple. The grandma is also fixing the car in the second commercial which the connection/stretch is that Jobs is the only one who can do anything at Apple. Hence the stock price being so jumpy when his health is brought up.

Elitist Apple/Common Man Microsoft (Political Strategy)
The thought here is that the Mac/PC commercials from Apple come off as elitist. They bash the common man's operating system. And hip cool people use Macs. So as you see in the commercial Jerry tells Gates the reason they are doing this is because they are out of touch. To get back in touch with their roots they need to live with regular folks since they are rich and famous.

My Theory (Build Buzz, Smack in Face with Solutions)
People are blogging and talking about these commercials like crazy and so far only 2 are out there. Granted most of the talk is about how they are meaningless and do nothing to sell Vista. But people cannot wait for the next one to come out. Consumers are drawn in. As the next set of commercials roll out they will slowly bring in why Vista is awesome but also still take jabs at Jobs and drop in easter eggs. Also note Microsoft is running other ads about Mojave (watch them here).

In the end I am not sure the cost will bare out enough benefit. It is rumored they paid Jerry $10mil to do the commercials. But if Microsoft would have sat on the sidelines while Apple continued to throw punches in their commercials it would have gotten embarrassing. Microsoft has the money to blow so I think they are doing the right thing by going big!

PS - I hope George, Elaine, Kramer or Newman make cameos.


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