I want to push a concept/process and not political views or judgement. Last month I took the time to watch the PBS Special called Bush's War, which is available online for your viewing. It takes a hard look at how we got into the Iraq War. I highly recommend watching it because it of course shows the why but even more than that it shows you the process of how such decisions are made in the White House. (PBS broke up the show into easily digestible clips of 10 minutes. It took me 2 weeks to watch them all.)

This insight into the process of how such a huge decision is made is intriguing and even more intriguing during an election year. George Bush, as any leader of a large organization, places certain people around him to help him make intelligent decisions. In the end the responsibility, or face, of a decision is on the president/leader. The president has to be the filter to find the truth and to do that in a large complicated organization is no easy task. Listening and questioning are key but also knowing the back office ego driven maneuvering is integral. Decisions at any level are extremely hard because humans are wired to make decision or place blame instantly (see Blink). Great leaders need to be open to being convinced against their biases, which is no easy task.

To really understand why the president must have these skills you have to look at the results of these decisions on a human level. Which like any government/organization the US government would rather us not see the negative results of these decisions. But today's generation demands to have access to all information and technology allows it. Body War is a documentary that shows the cold hard results of this one decision. Below is the trailer for the movie. (On a side note the soundtrack is stacked with talent Eddie Vedder,Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, Ben Harper and a ton more - Album).

I have not seen the documentary yet but am going this weekend. From the clips shown on Bill Moyer's Show the process on how congress made their decision will be just as interesting. So no matter what your political views are take a moment and think about who you want to be president. Can they surround themselves with smart people with opposing views, can they listen, can they question, can they ignore their bias and can they lead.

If you aren't registered to vote go here now!


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