This is the second part of my 2007 Favorite sites, products, foods and whatever else. Part one is here.

- VRBO® is Vacation Rentals by Owner® VRBO - Vacation Rental by Owner. The concept is that millions of people own vacation homes but are not there all the time so why not rent it. Pretty basic but this site has the largest amount of rentals I could find. The sites layout could use an upgrade but it gets the job done for now. I highly recommend this if you are going on vacation and looking for a nice, well priced place. I just used it for a golf trip to Arizona.

- Apple TV
- Apple TV My father-in-law got this for Christmas and it is pretty cool. You get your music, photos and movies available on your tv. Which I think we all knew was going to happen but the real kicker for me was the availability of YouTube on it. It is pretty addicting to sit around with friends and watch hilarious videos. You also can sign into your YouTube account to view your favorites. Google is sort of getting into this as well, link.
This is just the tip of the iceberg for bringing the computer and home together.

- TWIT - This Week in Tech which is a great podcast about, well the happenings in tech over the the past week. Pretty straight forward. Great content. I have been starting to get into Podcast more lately. They are free and many popular content creators have them (Comedy Central, Economist...)
this WEEK in TECH

- Ricky Gervais - He is my new favorite comedian. He is was the creator of the original Office from the UK, his most recent show was Extras on HBO which he just one a Golden Globe for. Which is his third. Here is a clip of his standup from YouTube (note he is doing standup in the LA and NY this year)


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