I love list so here is some of my favorite sites, foods, products and whatever else I liked in 2007 (in no particular order)

- Flickr Flickr - I finally embraced the photo sharing site and am loving it. I am still trying to figure out the line between what photos I should make public and what is private. I have leaned towards the private side but if you want full access let me know and I will invite you in as a friend. Here is my public page for now.

- Mint.com - By far the future or personal financial management. See previous post

- Kuma's Corner - My new favorite bar and burger in Chicago.

- NAU - Don't know their whole story but their apparel is well designed and they have a great mission. They "balance beauty, performance and sustainability." I got the anti-michelin man jacket. They are having a huge sale right now!

- Google Reader - I just got turned on this this tool. Basically it aggregates all the recent post or stories from the sites you tell it. So instead of me jumping around to 20+ sites a day reading I just come to my Google Reader. I read a ton before I used reader, so you can only imagine how much more I am taking in now. I am getting close to a saturation point. Google Reader will be a full blown post soon.

Time for bed but there will be a second part to this list later!


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