2008 Resolutions

1 - Blog more consistently. I know very few people read this but it is a nice release. I need to start a personal one.

2- Take more pics. I got a sweet camera for xmas (Canon G9). It is the closet to a digital SLR as you can get. One of the hardest things about amateur photography is getting ideas and motivation. I highly recommend Photojojo for some great ideas.

3- Take more video and share them. This one is tougher b/c most of the time home videos suck. Open to suggestions here!

4- Be greener! Just found this site Re-Nest which is a sister site to Apartment Therapy. It is a real interest blog on how to be green. It is not all hippie dippie (there is some) but there is some real cool products and applications to be green. (Just winterized the condo last weekend)


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