This slide show done by FaberNovel (a french consulting firm) does a tremendous job in explaining how Google makes it's money and why it has its hands in a bunch of different projects like Picasa, Android, Blogger etc...

(I couldn't make it any bigger so you may need to push the slide show screen icon in the lower right corner to make it bigger. To the right of "34")
All about Google
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: google business)

Found on TechCrunch

Here is the guy that that made these slides

Another nice chart on this mess can be found at Flowing Data

David Rose, the man behind Glowcaps, is brilliant at meshing together everyday products with technology in a seemless design and execution. He is also the founder of Ambient Devices(checkout the umbrella).

The newest company, Vitality, has launched it's first product Glowcaps. There are GlowCaps Solo and GlowCaps Connect.

Glowcaps Solo is the basic version which is a cap for you medicine bottle that will blink and play a chime when you are supposed to take you medication. I can see this being very handy. Available on Amazon Now for $30.

The other product is Glowcaps Connect which is the more advanced product that connects the patient, doctor, phone and family to the pill cap. Probably best to watch the video to understand it capabilities (kinda cheesy but effective).

Introducing GlowCaps: Internet connected pillcaps from David Rose on Vimeo.

This is surely the future in connecting the medical world, technology and the patient.

Tim Brown the CEO of IDEO gives a great speech about how to inspire creativity and innovation. It seems that our whole lifes are about learning rules to limit our creativity. Lots of great interactive ways to breakdown those rules.

Here is some Monday morning quarterbacking but Peter Schiff as seen in these clips was one of the few people who saw this recession coming (Nasim Taleb being another). It is hilarious to see these other talking heads poo-pooing his dose of reality.

What everyone should take away from this is do your own research, form your own opinions and don't just be a lemming. (example - my neighbor got an ARM for his mortgage it must be safe, Oh Ben Stein on Fox recommends Merrill Lynch sounds safe to me etc...).

Credit to Signal vs Noise for finding this video

Change does not start or end with electing Barack to office but it surely helps. To continue this energy of Americans wanting to take an active role in our country we must get our congressmen to start voting in our best interest and not voting in the interest of lobbyist. The Change Congress Movement is making this happen. This movement can be summarized as this:

1. I will no longer accept contributions from lobbyists or corporate political action committees.
2. I will work to support the fundamental reform of earmarks in Congress.
3. I will support reform to increase transparency in Congress.
4. I will support public financing of public elections.

The first step is for us the voters to pester our representatives to take this pledge, which can quickly and easily be done here. If you need motivation watch the video below.

Nasssim Taleb has warned of 2 companies sitting on mounds of risk waiting to fail 

  1. "In December he lectured bankers at Société Générale, France’s second biggest bank. He told them they were sitting on a mountain of risks – a menagerie of black swans. They didn’t believe him. Six weeks later the rogue trader and black swan Jérôme Kerviel landed them with $7.2 billion of losses." (from
  2. "Likewise, the government-sponsored institution Fannie Mae, when I look at their risks, seems to be sitting on a barrel of dynamite, vulnerable to the slightest hiccup. But not to worry, their large staff of scientists deem these events 'unlikely.'" (from his book the Black Swan)
I would like to note before I type more that Nassim also believes in positive black swans. (see my old post, Investing for Home runs, to learn about what a Black Swan is)

Nassim says he has trouble sleeping at night because he believes we could, we could be in the most difficult time in history since the American Revolution.  As an optimist one would like to take this sound bite with a grain of salt but if we look at his track record the man has been correct on some pretty big things.  And as of October 14th the investment firm that Nassim advises has gained 50% or more this year (from Bloomberg).  Note that Nassim is quoted as saying ``I am very sad to be vindicated,''.  One of the many interesting thoughts in these articles and videos is that he mentions the idea of banks becoming more like utilities (see the Time article).  Here are some links to recent videos and articles that give you more insight.

And a recent video of Nassim Taleb pretty fired up about this fiasco.

Here's to hoping a nice positive Black Swan will follow this humongous negative one!

A nice tie into this financial meltdown is the Dunning-Krueger Effect, read my post called Ignorance Grows Confidence to learn about it.

One more nice connection is the book Hot, Flat & Crowded, which also hits on the notion that the world economy is one economy now.

I couldn't embed the video here because the whole youtube interface is needed for the experience. This is really a brilliant use for a viral video. Not sure the cost but definitely innovative.

Other online marketers should take note and starting thinking outside the box. In this case literally.

Shout out to Techcrunch where I found this.

Full story here from Architecture203

Shout out to Flowchart for finding this!

Microsoft has started a new ad campaign which has Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld in them. These are being produced in response to 2 things 1- Obviously the Apple commercials Mac vs PC and 2- The supposed perception out there that Microsofts new Vista operating system sucks.
The ads are below and after them I discuss the possible thought processes behind the commercials.

Ad Number One

Ad Number 2

There are two theories that are interesting to me.

Metaphors and Easter Eggs (Geek Trickle Down)
The theory is that geeks will get lots of these easter eggs and metaphors in the commercials thus drawing them into the commercials. Then the geeks will have renewed interest in Vista and it will trickle down as people ask them for their opinions or help. The most obvious easter egg is the pic of Bill Gates on his shoe club card which was taken from his mugshot. (I think he was arrested for speeding and driving with out a license)

The metaphors that are out there (note I have not researched this at all) are that the grandma represents Steve Jobs. The grandma says she has been in the house for 12 years and I have read that that is how long Jobs has been back in the saddle at Apple. The grandma is also fixing the car in the second commercial which the connection/stretch is that Jobs is the only one who can do anything at Apple. Hence the stock price being so jumpy when his health is brought up.

Elitist Apple/Common Man Microsoft (Political Strategy)
The thought here is that the Mac/PC commercials from Apple come off as elitist. They bash the common man's operating system. And hip cool people use Macs. So as you see in the commercial Jerry tells Gates the reason they are doing this is because they are out of touch. To get back in touch with their roots they need to live with regular folks since they are rich and famous.

My Theory (Build Buzz, Smack in Face with Solutions)
People are blogging and talking about these commercials like crazy and so far only 2 are out there. Granted most of the talk is about how they are meaningless and do nothing to sell Vista. But people cannot wait for the next one to come out. Consumers are drawn in. As the next set of commercials roll out they will slowly bring in why Vista is awesome but also still take jabs at Jobs and drop in easter eggs. Also note Microsoft is running other ads about Mojave (watch them here).

In the end I am not sure the cost will bare out enough benefit. It is rumored they paid Jerry $10mil to do the commercials. But if Microsoft would have sat on the sidelines while Apple continued to throw punches in their commercials it would have gotten embarrassing. Microsoft has the money to blow so I think they are doing the right thing by going big!

PS - I hope George, Elaine, Kramer or Newman make cameos.

Credit to PhotoJoJo for bring this to my attention

I know it sounds like opposite day but we all know someone whether a co-worker, boss, friend or uncle that knows absolutely nothing but is so confident they some how trick people into thinking they know what the hell they are talking about. Well now there is something to call it the Dunning-Kruger Effect. The wikipedia article is pretty funny and the references appear to be legit.

Here is a taste"
1- Incompetent individuals tend to overestimate their own level of skill.
2- Incompetent individuals fail to recognize genuine skill in others.
3- Incompetent individuals fail to recognize the extremity of their inadequacy.
4- If they can be trained to substantially improve their own skill level, these individuals can recognize and acknowledge their own previous lack of skill."

The thing I think about when I read this is digging past the surface when talking with someone. Anyone can drop names and speak the jargon but the real question is can the person execute, lead, learn and develop new ideas. It is a tough thing to really pull out of a short conversation especially when someone is confident. But once you see a person in action over 2-6 months you will know if the Dunning-Kruger Effect is occurring.

TopGolf is the newest innovation in golf and let me tell you it is amazing. This new driving range is a mix of a driving range, darts and bowling. As you can see from the pic of my neighbor you are hitting like you would at a normal driving range, but the the targets are sectioned off similar to a dart board. It is similar to bowling in that you share a bay with your friends, rotate shots and score is kept.

The technology works in that each ball you hit has a chip in it and knows you hit it. Then if you do score a point in one of the targets you are awarded those points on the screen.

There are a couple different games you can play. Check out the website for descriptions.

The other area that sets the complex apart from a normal driving range is that they have waitresses that come around and serve you drinks and food. They also have the usual stuff like a pro shop, loaner clubs and lessons. Oh yeah one more thing they have is special rooms for parties that you can rent. These rooms have a couple of bays to play from, flat screens, foosball and table top shuffle board (at least the one outside Chicago did.) Would be great for a bachelor party!

Highly recommend checking it out! Currently only 3 locations in the US but I hear they have big plans to expand.

A couple of weeks ago I came across this great article called The Disadvantages of an Elite Education, from The American Scholar (highly recommend reading it) which flips the traditional view of an elite education on its head or at a minimum turns it sideways. The writer a graduate of an Ivy League college examines the social implications of getting an education at an elite school and how that applies to the real world. Things like not knowing how to interact with blue collar workers, making you risk averse, mediocrity, asking small questions and an elitist attitude/lifestyle are brought to light.

Obviously painted with a broad brush but none the less a brain twister. As I read the article I could apply some of these trappings to my own experiences with my non-elite degree. More so I thought of an article in the Wall Street Journal about how "Most CEOs of the biggest corporations didn't attend Ivy League or other highly selective colleges." (article here).

There are many many positives to an elite education but connecting these two articles scratches the surface of stating that an elite education is not the end all be all of an education. So the next time you are interviewing a candidate or are impressed with a colleague's degree think about asking some extra questions to see if the traditional educational holes these articles hit on are present.

This is a great visual representation of data. This map starts from Walmart's launch then adds dots for every Walmart Store year by year. Nothing surprising, Walmart's are everywhere, but an innovative way to visually show data.

The Link

Just read this great Op-Ed Column in the NyTimes about one man's approach to changing Pakistan and Afghanistan. Greg Mortenson is attacking the core of the problem which is comparable to the gang problems in the US, education. The Taliban recruits the poor and illiterate so the obvious long term solution is help educate the people. Greg Mortenson has created the Central Asia Institute for this purpose. Check out the article it is very enlightening.

He also has a book called Three Cups of Tea

Great story on how you can use a webcam to connect with your grandparents. Story

I have played around with a few in car GPS units and they are all pretty much the same. They give you directions visually and via audio, they can tell you where the closest gas station (with price) is or where the nearest White Castle is and you can program it with preset destinations. Don't get me wrong those features are very cool but Dash has raised the bar. Dash is the smart GPS unit.

Dash does all the things a normal GPS unit does but does it with real time data. The Dash unit constantly sends traffic data out from your car which is shared with other Dash units out there. So the traffic data your unit receives is from other units actually on the road. Normal GPS units receive data from sensors on the highway then do some math to estimate travel times. This is the same type of data your local tv traffic person uses. (Ever notice those estimates are never quite right). Another differentiator is that it not only gives you data for the major highways but for side streets as well. It brings traffic data to every street.

I am sure the first question you are asking is doesn't mass acceptance have to happen to really make this thing powerful. Yes and no. Mass acceptance is not needed put helps with the data. I spoke to a Dash rep at the last TechCocktail and I think they said 1000 in large city like Chicago is a good number (might have been fewer though). And guess what Chicago has well over 1000 units in the city so you get some good data. Obviously smaller cities would need a smaller number. Then if your city doesn't have enough units in the area yet it also gets the old fashioned data regular GPS units get. The price is comparable to the other units as well.

Lastly Dash has an open source platform which means any company or entrepreneur could create an applicaiton for it. Some apps already developed are access you Outlook, Gmail or other calendars from the unit, see where speed traps are or look up the weather forecast. I am sure a ton more cool apps are coming.

Here is a review from Walt Mossberg. The review is old so he says the unit is $400 but it is $299 on Amazon

The unit has some other unique features so check it out!

Obviously lots of talk about gas in last couple of months. This talk has lead me to researching what my options are for a car with better gas mileage. A couple things that I have read over at EcoGeek have the value of Hybrids going up. The tried and true knock against the hybrid is the extra cost isn't recouped for 7 years or more. But the perfect storm of oil prices being way up and technology finally coming to market means that in as little as 2 years you could recoup the extra cost.

Basically battery technology is the main catalyst. Hymotion is releasing a battery next month that will allow the Prius to get 100 MPG. Yep 100 MPG. (details at EcoGeek) Do some quick math - The Prius has a 10 gallon tank, say you drive 10,000 miles a year that means you only fill your tank up 10 times in a year! Wrap your head around that! I fill up my tank at a minimum of 2 times a month. 24+ times a year.

Of course this battery cost a nice chunk of change $10,000. First to market products are always pricey, so this will price will come down.

One solution I have been studying is purchasing a used Prius and installing one of these batteries. While I was looking at some listings for a used Prius I was thinking how many of the odometer miles are engine miles and how many are electric miles. This question will be asked more and more in the coming years.

Anyways the convergence of this battery technology and high oil prices makes the hybrid a much more attractive solution.

Other Links
Toyota Invest $192mil in Battery Plant

Found this over on TechCrunch. This company, CamSpace, has created software that works with a standard web cam, video games and anything for a controller. Really anything. Turn anything into your Wii controller. Watch the video. But just think Air Guitar Hero.

This guy has taken self promotion in job seeking to a new level and actually found a way to make money on the side. - This job seeker made a shirt with this graphic on it then on the back he did a quick description of his skills. He figured enough people see him on a daily basis that eventually someone would read his shirt that was in need of his skills. On top of being a creative way to find a job, he now sales the Damn I Need A Job shirts with the caveat you customize the back with your skills.

Not exactly clear if he got a job from this but shows that outside the box thinking can be applied anywhere!

Design, engineering, ethnography and baby strollers have finally come together. My friend, Sachin, gets the credit for turning me on to the Orbit Baby. The system, yep it is a system, was designed by two dads that went to Stanford, worked at Ideo together and then left to start Orbit Baby. The long and the short of it is the Orbit Baby was designed to fix the pain points of strollers, car seats and bassinets.

Some high high points for me are:
- Easily being able to put the car seat in the base because the circular base allows you to put the seat in naturally then turn it to the proper direction. (see video below)
- One hand to break it down. I was in the parking lot at the grocery store yesterday and saw a mom using both hands and her foot to break down her big nice looking stroller. Then I watched her wrestle it into her car. The Orbit is light and breaks down with one hand (watch video)
- 2 year warranty.

Some people are scared off by the cost but if you are looking at the Bugaboo,Bob or other strollers at that level the Orbit is in the that price range. Hint add up the cost of all the pieces you have to buy.

Here is the video (not to keen on the music)

If you get a chance to play with the Orbit Baby in a store I highly recommend it.

I am reading this very interesting book called The Black Swan, which in a nut shell states the world is more random than we think. As humans we have to have a narrative to explain events, history, tragedy etc... because without it we go crazy. I highly recommend it! Read the reviews to get the real gist of it. Here is an excerpt of a review-

"Nassim argues that most of the really big events in our world are rare and unpredictable, and thus trying to extract generalizable stories to explain them may be emotionally satisfying, but it's practically useless."

This book has actually helped me clarify my investing style and business style. Which is to be apart of things that have the potential to be huge, a positive black swan. In the book he gives an example of the banking sector that for the most part doesn't have positive black swans they may have steady gains but they are very susceptible to negative black swans, like a run on the bank or the mortgage crisis. You rarely hear about one event giving a bank a huge revenue bump (besides buy another bank).

So the theory (if you can call it that) is to invest in companies that are positioned to have positive black swans. Granted you have more risk of loss but if you spread the risk over multiple stocks one will be a homerun and cover the small losses of the other companies. It is very similar to the theory behing VC investing. A bunch of small loses and 1 or 2 huge gains.

Here is a hodge podge of areas, technologies and companies I am either invested in or looking to invest in that I think have great potential for positive black swans:

genetics, cord banking, genetic mapping, alternative energy, solar energy, wind energy, mercado libre - Meli (the ebay of latin america), Corning - GLW, online marketing and online analytics.

To get some ideas I recommend reading the MIT Technology Review.

This video follows the theme of nothing is impossible from an earlier post!

I want to push a concept/process and not political views or judgement. Last month I took the time to watch the PBS Special called Bush's War, which is available online for your viewing. It takes a hard look at how we got into the Iraq War. I highly recommend watching it because it of course shows the why but even more than that it shows you the process of how such decisions are made in the White House. (PBS broke up the show into easily digestible clips of 10 minutes. It took me 2 weeks to watch them all.)

This insight into the process of how such a huge decision is made is intriguing and even more intriguing during an election year. George Bush, as any leader of a large organization, places certain people around him to help him make intelligent decisions. In the end the responsibility, or face, of a decision is on the president/leader. The president has to be the filter to find the truth and to do that in a large complicated organization is no easy task. Listening and questioning are key but also knowing the back office ego driven maneuvering is integral. Decisions at any level are extremely hard because humans are wired to make decision or place blame instantly (see Blink). Great leaders need to be open to being convinced against their biases, which is no easy task.

To really understand why the president must have these skills you have to look at the results of these decisions on a human level. Which like any government/organization the US government would rather us not see the negative results of these decisions. But today's generation demands to have access to all information and technology allows it. Body War is a documentary that shows the cold hard results of this one decision. Below is the trailer for the movie. (On a side note the soundtrack is stacked with talent Eddie Vedder,Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, Ben Harper and a ton more - Album).

I have not seen the documentary yet but am going this weekend. From the clips shown on Bill Moyer's Show the process on how congress made their decision will be just as interesting. So no matter what your political views are take a moment and think about who you want to be president. Can they surround themselves with smart people with opposing views, can they listen, can they question, can they ignore their bias and can they lead.

If you aren't registered to vote go here now!

If you ever think you can't do something or something is to hard, think about this blind skate boarder!

Your options are only limited by your will and imagination.

In case you forgot - Treat Your Mother Right!

Don't know much about the guys/girls behind this but it is pretty amazing. I wonder what took longer setting up the wine bottles or drinking the wine.

Once they get the production cost of these systems down the results world wide will be amazing!

Now you can get public transit directions using Google Maps. You were always able to do this on the CTA website but it was kinda clunky plus it just makes more sense to incorporate the data into a more used map. This is a great partnership and it will be even better when other public transit systems are incorporated (hint hint Metra Rail).

Below is the video that explains how it works.

I have to give John Mayer's blog credit for finding this. This is way to good to not post. Enjoy!

I have an iPhone and have had it since the Fall of 2007. My wife surprised me with it for my birthday. Obviously I had admired the device and wanted one but was practical about it and told myself to wait, save the $, your BlackBerry works fine etc...

But now that I have one it would be hard to go back to a regular phone. The iPhone is more than a phone obviously but I use its other applications just as much or more than the actual phone.
Here is the list of things I use outside of the phone and texting.

- Email (personal and work)
- Google Maps
- Camera
- Music Player
- Video Player
- Surf the internet easily and quickly (wifi)

The phone has more functions but as you can see it is a swiss army knife. If I am lost I can use the map to find out where I am. If I want to see how Fred Funk did today in the Honda Classic I can check the leaderboard via the internet. If I want to take a pic of my silly dog and email it to my mom I use the camera and email. If I want to listen to some new music or a podcast on my drive to work use the iPod function. The list goes on and on.

But the iPhone has really opened my eyes to what the rest of the world is doing with mobile. Outside of the US more people access the internet from their phone than from a computer. Think about that. The internet is distributed to almost everyone then, not just to those with a computer. Major shifts will be happening in the US mobile market due to things like the iPhone, Google Android, and the FCC opening up the spectrum. The old system of being dictated by your carrier (ATT, TMobile etc..) what you can and can't do on your phone will be gone. I can't wait!

Every so often I check out Charlie Rose's site for interesting interviews, which by the way are posted free on his site. But recently I found out that two Tech journalist/pundits/insiders where interviewed, Michael "TechCrunch" Arrington and Chris "Wired/Longtail" Anderson. They gave some very clear and poignant answers on the state of technology globally, in the US and where things are headed. I highly recommend viewing these if you are a business person, entrepreneur, geek, nerd or want to get a peak at how our future will look with technology.

TECH cocktail

TechCocktail, which started in Chicago, has become the main tech social event outside of Silicon Valley. They now host events in Chicago (of course), Boulder, Boston and DC. All great tech communities need an event like this to bring the community together.
I have met Eric and Frank in passing before and they seem like great guys and continue to grow TechCocktail. There latest expansion for TechCocktail is a conference.
The conference is in Chicago on May 29th and some great speakers are coming from companies like Feedburner, 37Signals, TicketsNow (my former employer), Wine Library TV and EveryBlock. Tickets are on sale now!

As everyone knows this years presidential race has been one of the most watched and participated in. Which is why the ideas discussed in this video by Lawrence Lesig may take root. The concept that Lessig uses to fix our government is not new but it has never been applied or it has never had a grass roots movement behind it to make the concept actually take hold.

I get asked this question a lot. I share links and stories with lots of people and sometimes they are weird, funny, informative and sometimes way out there. This link being the most recent I shared with my family and got that question. (Warning F-bombs are used in the Craigslist post that link takes you to.)

There are mainly 3 ways I come across these gems.

1- Old Faithful - Someone forwards the link to me.

2- I happen across the story in my daily surfing.

3- My new favorite Google Reader.

The name Google Reader is boring and it may lose some people on their initial browse over. Google Reader aggregates the news/information of your choice from the internet. For example lets say you read Chicagoist, Techcrunch, own stock in Google and want to watch Ebay for new Hannah Montana Tickets. Now to do all those things you have to go to 4 sites at a minimum. Instead of that you create an account with Google reader, tell it what feeds (sites) you want it to aggregate then it will bring that data in for you. So you just have to go to one site to get all the info you want.

To find out more here are some links
Google Reader
The Tour
Google Reader Blog

Lastly lots of my friends have started blogs recently which is awesome but keeping up with them is tough because they write sporadically. Solution I add them to my reader and never miss a post.

Ok I am getting heavy with the video in my posts but this is to good to pass up. As posted earlier I have a resolution to take more photos this year but thru out my amateur photography career I found I do not have a steady hand (especially when it is 20 below). Obviously a tripod fixes this but who can lug one of those around everywhere. This video provides an innovative solution.

$1 Image Stabilizer For Any Camera - Lose The Tripod - For more amazing video clips, click here

I am not sure who comes up with stuff but it is pure genius. This video is a taste of the series of videos with a bulldog and a monkey (search it on Some other favorites are this fireman training video and the monkey with multiple bulldogs.

Update: Here is the wiki on Pankun (monkey) and James (bulldog). Search Pankun and James on Google or Youtube for more hilarity.

Everyone has thought this but these guys made the video. (I like Google but it is kinda creepy)

I am a big believer in enjoying your work and a big part of that is the company culture. This video is from the workers at College Humor.

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri on Vimeo.

This is the second part of my 2007 Favorite sites, products, foods and whatever else. Part one is here.

- VRBO® is Vacation Rentals by Owner® VRBO - Vacation Rental by Owner. The concept is that millions of people own vacation homes but are not there all the time so why not rent it. Pretty basic but this site has the largest amount of rentals I could find. The sites layout could use an upgrade but it gets the job done for now. I highly recommend this if you are going on vacation and looking for a nice, well priced place. I just used it for a golf trip to Arizona.

- Apple TV
- Apple TV My father-in-law got this for Christmas and it is pretty cool. You get your music, photos and movies available on your tv. Which I think we all knew was going to happen but the real kicker for me was the availability of YouTube on it. It is pretty addicting to sit around with friends and watch hilarious videos. You also can sign into your YouTube account to view your favorites. Google is sort of getting into this as well, link.
This is just the tip of the iceberg for bringing the computer and home together.

- TWIT - This Week in Tech which is a great podcast about, well the happenings in tech over the the past week. Pretty straight forward. Great content. I have been starting to get into Podcast more lately. They are free and many popular content creators have them (Comedy Central, Economist...)
this WEEK in TECH

- Ricky Gervais - He is my new favorite comedian. He is was the creator of the original Office from the UK, his most recent show was Extras on HBO which he just one a Golden Globe for. Which is his third. Here is a clip of his standup from YouTube (note he is doing standup in the LA and NY this year)

I love list so here is some of my favorite sites, foods, products and whatever else I liked in 2007 (in no particular order)

- Flickr Flickr - I finally embraced the photo sharing site and am loving it. I am still trying to figure out the line between what photos I should make public and what is private. I have leaned towards the private side but if you want full access let me know and I will invite you in as a friend. Here is my public page for now.

- - By far the future or personal financial management. See previous post

- Kuma's Corner - My new favorite bar and burger in Chicago.

- NAU - Don't know their whole story but their apparel is well designed and they have a great mission. They "balance beauty, performance and sustainability." I got the anti-michelin man jacket. They are having a huge sale right now!

- Google Reader - I just got turned on this this tool. Basically it aggregates all the recent post or stories from the sites you tell it. So instead of me jumping around to 20+ sites a day reading I just come to my Google Reader. I read a ton before I used reader, so you can only imagine how much more I am taking in now. I am getting close to a saturation point. Google Reader will be a full blown post soon.

Time for bed but there will be a second part to this list later!

1 - Blog more consistently. I know very few people read this but it is a nice release. I need to start a personal one.

2- Take more pics. I got a sweet camera for xmas (Canon G9). It is the closet to a digital SLR as you can get. One of the hardest things about amateur photography is getting ideas and motivation. I highly recommend Photojojo for some great ideas.

3- Take more video and share them. This one is tougher b/c most of the time home videos suck. Open to suggestions here!

4- Be greener! Just found this site Re-Nest which is a sister site to Apartment Therapy. It is a real interest blog on how to be green. It is not all hippie dippie (there is some) but there is some real cool products and applications to be green. (Just winterized the condo last weekend)

Pretty intense!