Lots of great companies have launched since my last post but Mint has really brought something amazing to the table. Basically they bring all your online finances to one place. Which is cool but they take it to the next level with the hook. They categorize all your transactions automatically but then tell you how to save money.

In my account they told me of a savings account with a better interest rate and they told me of a credit card with a better APR. Granted without the miles. The site automatically signs in to your accounts and grabs the data. The site is secure and has agreements with tons of financial institutions. (Except Scottrade, which I hope is on the way). Lots of other great features as well.

The site is still in beta but has lots of potential. The one thing my wife liked was that it showed where we stacked up against others. I highly recommend Mint.com.


At November 1, 2007 at 1:46 PM Cindy said...

Hey Greg! Sorry to hijack your blog post but I found you on Chicago Bloggers :) I'm flying out there from SF to help throw the first Lunch 2.0 event in Chicago at the Google office! You should come for some free grub and meet fellow tech geeks. Spread the word too!



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