This joint venture between Amazon and Tivo has been rumored for awhile but it has now come to fruition. If you have Tivo you can now purchase and rent movies from Amazon and they are downloaded directly to your Tivo. You have to first register your Tivo through Amazon then you can search through all the movies and tv shows available on Amazon. When you rent a movie you have it for thirty days. The other great thing about the service is that you can delete the show from you Tivo but Amazon will store the copy for you. Which means you can re-download the show later. This option allows you to free up space on your Tivo when needed without completely losing your shows. It says it take 30 minutes per hour of a show. I purchased my show from my computer at work and when I got home it was on my Tivo. Very convenient if you know you want to watch a movie when you get home.

Not every movie and show is available yet but I am sure they are coming. Here are some of the recent selections and prices. Oh yeah if you sign now you get $15 free.

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