Google Toolbar for Firefox

The Google Toolbar for FireFox is truly useful. My two favorite features being AutoFill and AutoLink. AutoFill is the best tool for job seekers who always have to re-type there name, address, phone etc... every time they apply for a job. Push the AutoFill button and it does it automatically. Now you do have to setup the AutoFill by typing in your information but only once. It is also great for joining new sites or ordering goods online.

The AutoLink is another straight forward tool. You push the AutoLink button and it creates a link for any of the following information on the site you are viewing

  • Street Addresses
  • * DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS tracking numbers
  • * Book or publication ISBN
  • * Automobile VIN

I have only used the street address AutoLink which creates a link to the location on Goolge Maps.

The toobar has a ton of other funtions but these two are my favorite so far. Both of these tools are time savers and I highly recommend it for those using FireFox.

You can download it here from Google

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