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Have you ever noticed how much time you waste switching between programs on your computer. It may appear that it only takes 4 seconds to open up Excel or Word,  but the way in which we humans use computers actually waste time and causes us to lose focus.  The example that the guys at Humanized give is that if you are in Photoshop and adding text. You can't spell check from with in Photoshop so you have to then open word, copy the text over spell check it, then copy the text back over to Photoshop. With Humanized's product Enzo Words the above problem is solved.  Their program allows you to spellcheck with a keyboard short from within almost any program.  This allows you to spellcheck on the fly as well as keep focused on what you are creating.  Other features include word count, define, and thesaurus.  All great features.

The other product they currently have is Enzo Launcher which allows you to open files or applications without digging through the layers of your computer (My Documents/My Word Files/Resume.doc).  It also allows you to open up websites on the fly with keyboard shortcuts and allows the system to learn your verbage for shortcuts.

Their website is really well done.  It is clean and has nice video tutorials to show what the products actually do, which is great.  They are currently offerring a 30 day free trial of both products and have some other products in the pipeline. 

See one of the founder give his 60 Second pitch at BusinessPOV

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