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I am sure everyone has thought about this concept but it appears Shelfari is taking a crack at book sharing and networking. I like to share what books I am reading on my blog but boring text links, are boring, Amazon affilate links are a little better but cumbersome to share them all, but it appears Shelfari is one step closer. Here is my current shelf which I will be testing on my sidebar

It was simple to add books, you just simply search. It isn't exactly fun but does meet the ends to my needs. And as you update your shelf on Shelfari it automatically updates my list on the blog. Now if you are a big reader this site will probably interest you more. You can join discussions about the books, create a network and much more.

Now it is still beta so I am sure there are bugs. The only thing I noticed so far was the search was a little slow but it did get mentioned on LifeHacker earlier today, which can overload your site. My one wish would be to let me in on the affilate action when people buy books from my shelf. Which is exactly why Amazon should be doing something like this or acquiring Shelfari if it takes off.

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Blogged with Flock


At January 19, 2007 at 4:48 PM Greg said...

Update: I guess you can insert your amazon affilate info and make money from your shelf. Very nice.


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